It began with an idea: properly aged, passionately seasoned and infused with experience. Since opening in 2011, Sésame has delighted an ever-growing following. Asian cuisine enthusiasts are cordially invited to come discover the reasons for Sésame’s savoury success. Our distinctive urban concept offers an exceptional array of high-quality Asian dishes and beverages.


Whether you are in the mood for a Pad Thai, General Tao Poutine, tartar or sautéed wok dish… Eat at one of many Sésame locations or order it as takeout. Feel free to enjoy one of the many teas available in a warm and invigorating ambiance. We also offer a selection of privately imported wines—served by the glass if you wish,—Asian beers and a wide range of sakes. Then top your meal with one of our alcohol and tea fusions.

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