Are you passionate about good Asian cuisine? Are you an entrepreneur at heart? You are reading this because you have a talent for finding good business prospects.

Since first opening in 2011, Sésame has maintained its distinctive urban concept. It offers a sumptuous array of Asian dishes available as takeout or for dining in a warm and invigorating ambiance. If your entrepreneurial instinct is intrigued by our concept, venture forth.

Excellence is at the heart of what we do—everyday. Sésame is looking to add to its network of franchises. By joining our team, you benefit from our experience and know-how, and receive professional training that contributes to the success of our franchises.

Growing Trend:
“Fast-Casual” concept

Sésame offers its clients a “fast-casual” concept.

This increasingly growing trend consists of restaurants offering higher quality food and in a more upscale ambiance than those found in fast-food chains. Food is quickly prepared to eat on-site or as takeout.

The Sésame hybrid model: counter service during the day and table service in the evening, as well as always offering takeout.

Asian Cuisine and Quality:
Two trends that Sésame embodies

In Quebec, quality is the main criterion motivating a choice of restaurant.

At Sésame, fresh and high-quality ingredients are the pillars of all our dishes (Read more).

Furthermore, Asian cuisine is one of the most popular food choices in Quebec, which makes Sésame even more enticing.

The advantages of our banner

A concept tried and tested
for medium-to-large cities

A wide choice of location implementation

Headquarters Training

The possibility of opening
multiple locations

Sésame methodologies and processes to maintain
a high quality/production ratio.

Turnkey location availability

Full framework and support on all levels

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